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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Something New I Learned about Copyright

I was unaware of the copyright laws before this week. Basically everything that the informational videos went over was new to me. I think one of the more interesting bits I learned about copyright had to do with text, specifically poems. I wasn't aware that a student or teacher could use all of a 250 poem or more from a longer poem. And that you can only use three poems from the same author or 5 from different authors. I think that bit of the multimedia guidelines was one of the most rel event for an English teacher. Teachers constantly use different texts and poems in their classrooms. By knowing how to use this portion of the copyright law correctly it can be very helpful. I was also unaware that students can keep copyrighted info. in their portfolios indefinitely and that teacher's work lasts 2 years. That is also important to know because a lot of teachers use the same media presentations for many years. It is good to know how long you are allowed to use the media.

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