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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Copyright Video #1

Although this video is well constucted it lacks proper citation of where all of the pictures come from. The author of this video has put together a slide show of paintings depicting the war of 1812, but no where does he cite where he received the info from. At the end of the video there is a website that is noted, http://www.americaninstituteofhistory.org/. This website could contain all of the paintings, but there is no real indication of that. The video is put together very well, but nothing is really cited. There is also music in the background that isn't cited, and the material he used to come up with this presentation is also not cited. The presentation is put together well, but does not follow copyright laws. All this author needs to do to correct their mistakes is to cite where they obtained each picture while it shows on the video. Or if they got all the pictures from the same place; they could just cite the pictures at the end of the video. Just having the website at the end of the video is not sufficient. The author also needs to cite where the music is from. If the information he used about the war came from a specific text that should also be cited. The music also should be sited and the author should make sure it follows the 10% guidelines. By adding the citations into this video it would make it an excellent teaching tool. Something as simple as putting where you received your info. from can be helpful for staying inside the copyright laws.

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