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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Personal Technology Project

For my personal technology project I chose to do a WebQuest. WebQuests are a creative way to have students do projects and search for things on the Internet. Although I enjoyed putting my Webqust together; it was time consuming to do. It is not hard to put together; there are step by step instructions. It just takes time. Along with putting together a webquest I also did a lesson plan that goes along with it. Overall I really enjoyed this activity. I think that using a Webquest in a classroom setting can get students more excited about doing assignments.

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  1. Jessica, your webquest looks great! I love the assignment--having them make newspapers. That could be a lot of fun for them. You could probably have the high school journalism staff come in for one day to give pointers. Then you might consider using something like Apple's Pages, or Microsoft Publisher to create the newspaper, since those are better programs than Word for this kind of thing. So there's one other technology that would be useful for this assignment!